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You can trust and depend on us to keep your smile bright and healthy. You'll receive dental care all under one roof no matter what you need from dental cleanings and exams to veneers, crowns, and fillings. Your dental health impacts your overall well-being, regardless of your age.

At Orange Hill Dental Group, we have a highly qualified and experienced dentist in Orange Ca, Dr. Joseph P. Sabet. We have specialized in multiple dental care procedures, including cosmetic services. What’s more, our dental services are personalized for all our clients.  

What are The Causes of Teeth Discoloration?

Teeth discoloration can make one have low self-esteem. Are your teeth discolored? Any of these practices and factors might be the cause of your teeth discoloration.

  • Certain Drinks and Foods

Colored drinks, food, vegetables, and fruits can stain your teeth. Ensure you rinse your mouth properly immediately after your meal if you must eat or drink anything colored.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco products will stain your teeth regardless of whether you smoke or chew tobacco.

  • Poor Dental Practices

Your teeth will likely get discolored if you do not brush and floss daily. This is mostly due to plaque accumulation.

  • Age

Your enamel gradually wears off with age. As you get older, your outer enamel wears out. That reveals the color of dentin which is yellow.

Do Dental Implants Help?

A dental implant is a complete tooth replacement. A dentist surgically fixes posts or frames in your jawbone such that replacement teeth can be mounted on them. Here’s how dental implants will help you:

  • Stops Shifting of Teeth

Dental implants will help keep your teeth properly spaced to allow thorough cleaning. In case of tooth loss, the implants will stop your teeth from shifting to occupy the space of the missing tooth.

  • To Protect the Jawbone

Settling for fixed bridges instead of dental implants can make your jawbone deteriorate due to lack of adequate stimulation. Also, waiting for too long to get dental implants can mess with your dental bone graft. This can make it impossible to get dental implants in the end. So, the sooner you get dental implants as advised by your dentist, the better.

  • Improve Your Appearance

Most people with missing teeth tend to have sunken faces that make them look older than they actually are. Dental implants will provide the required jawbone stimulation to produce a dense and healthy-looking jawbone and face.

How to Choose a Dentist

It is important to settle for the right dentist that you can trust with all your dental care needs. Have these factors in mind when choosing a dentist:

  • Reputation

Go to a reputable dentist. Research about the dentist on the internet to find out as much as you can about them. Is the dentist professionally trained? Does the dentist have positive reviews?

  • Your Needs

Your needs should always be a priority. Get a dentist who prioritizes your needs. This is to ensure your dental needs are fully met.

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Get a highly-qualified dentist in Orange Ca at Orange Hill Dental Group. We will provide you the best dental care guaranteed to maintain your beautiful smile. To book an appointment, fill our simple online form or call us at (714) 639-2703.

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