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Do you have too many dental problems to count? Perhaps you’ve put off dental visits for so long that you’re now embarrassed by the state of your smile. At Orange Hill Dental Group, we’ve seen it all, and our compassionate team will never make you feel self-conscious about the health or aesthetics of your smile. We offer a variety of traditional and advanced dental restoration options to help you smile with confidence once more.

Dr. Joseph P. Sabet provides high-quality restorative dentistry in Orange County. Schedule an appointment today to see how we can help you rebuild your healthy smile!


Your Wants and Needs Come First

At your first consultation, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, jaw, and bite. This evaluation includes a physical examination, as well as images obtained with an intraoral camera and our digital X-ray machine. A strong proponent of patient education, Dr. Sabet will share these images with you so that you can fully understand your treatment options. Our goal is to use the least invasive measures possible to re-establish your oral health and improve your quality of life.

Common Restorations and How They Work

Restorations are a variety of procedures that all help restore the integrity, function, and appearance of tooth structure. From small chips and cracks to full dentures, our restorative treatments will help you regain optimal form and function and be able to smile with confidence.

Composite Fillings: If a cavity is small, it can be treated with a dental filling. When treatment is complete, the structure of the tooth is restored with minimal alterations. Instead of traditional metal fillings, we use composite resins that leave more of the healthy tooth structure intact and provide aesthetic values as well as restorative.

Dental Filling Procedure Steps

  • A topical or local anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area.
  • The decay is removed, and the area is carefully cleaned.
  • A composite material is applied and cured with ultraviolet light then shaped to match the contours of the tooth.
  • A final bite check is performed to ensure teeth align comfortably.

Porcelain Crowns: Teeth with larger cavities or substantial cracks will need a crown to remain healthy. These porcelain caps cover and conceal the tooth, fortifying its structure and sealing it off from oral bacteria, which causes decay. Porcelain is a body-safe ceramic material that has the appearance and natural texture similar to a natural, healthy tooth. However, it is also durable enough to last for a long time.

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Our crowns are made from porcelain and are designed to hold up to daily wear and tear while looking and feeling natural. Crowns can be used in different ways to complete a variety of restorations, including:

  • On their own to repair cracks or large cavities
  • To top and seal a root canal
  • To finish a dental implant restoration
  • As part of a bridge, full denture, or partial denture prosthetic

Veneers: Although veneers are commonly used in cosmetic treatments, they can also work well for repairing individual teeth that don’t need a complete crown. For imperfections such as deep staining, cracks, chips, and unwanted gaps between teeth, veneers can conceal these flaws and reshape individual teeth to restore balance and function. Porcelain veneers are custom made to fit a specific tooth. To prepare the tooth, a thin layer of dental enamel—around five millimeters—is buffed away to give the veneers enough room to bond to the tooth.

Fixed Bridges, Dentures, and Partials: The traditional way to replace one to three missing teeth is a fixed bridge. This restoration has one or more prosthetic teeth connected by a pair of crowns, all made of durable porcelain. The crowns are attached to healthy, neighboring teeth, and the new tooth rests within the space between them, giving you a firm bite and a full smile.

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Our practice also offers full and partial dentures. If an entire arch is missing, complete dentures replace these teeth with a prosthetic that rests on top of the gums. Partials can restore several missing teeth throughout the smile if a bridge is not a viable option. These custom-designed prosthetics use clasps that wrap around the remaining healthy teeth for support.

Orange Hill Dental Group can restore your oral health and work with you to maintain it. Whether you need a single restoration with a crown or a full set of dentures, you will get a natural-looking smile that feels comfortable and lets you live your life with confidence.

Root Canal Therapy – The Procedure That Can Save Your Tooth

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Root canal therapy is a necessary procedure that protects your oral health. Orange Hill Dental Group provides custom treatment plans to restore your bite, relieve discomfort, and maintain the structural integrity of your tooth.

A cavity that is not treated can compromise your enamel, allowing bacteria into the tooth structure, infecting the dental pulp. Symptoms that indicate advanced decay include sensitivity to pressure and temperature, swelling around a tooth, or sharp, throbbing pain. A root canal treatment can relieve pain and protect your tooth, gums, and jawbone from further infection.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Dr. Sabet begins the root canal therapy process with a consultation and builds a treatment plan just for you. We take impressions of your bite for the final crown, which will be placed on your next visit. The root canal procedure is carefully completed only after you are thoroughly numbed and comfortable. During your treatment, decay and the infected pulp are removed, and the canals are filled with a biocompatible material and sealed with a small filling.

A temporary crown is attached until your custom restoration is ready, which is usually about two weeks. You will need to treat the temporary crown delicately and avoid hard food or chewy candy, which can pull it off or cause other damage.

Your permanent crown will be much stronger and will feel and function like the rest of your teeth. After it is placed, you only need to practice good oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, regular checkups, and cleanings are essential to keep both natural and restored teeth healthy and strong.

Dental Implants: Beyond the Cosmetic Appeal

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans every year. Traditionally, dentures and bridges have been the go-to solution for this problem; however, as dental technology has improved, so have the options for replacing teeth. Dental implants are not only cosmetically appealing but also provide a resilient, permanent, and long-lasting solution with numerous benefits that can help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

How Implants Improve Overall Dental Health

Dental implants encourage better oral health by mimicking a whole, natural tooth. The post stimulates the surrounding tissue and bone in the same way as your natural teeth, providing these benefits:

Preserving Jawbone

Preventing Movement of Existing Teeth

Implants Do Not Require Special Care


Dental Implants or Dentures: Which One is Right for Me?

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Dental care for lost teeth is no joke. It requires a special touch and dedicated treatment to make sure the bite function is restored, and the smile appears natural. The two leading options for restoring entire rows of teeth are dental implants or dentures. At Orange Hill Dental Group, we offer both choices and help you decide which one will the best fit your lifestyle. Although both are reliable options for replacing teeth, one may be better than the other according to your individual needs.

Traditional Dentures are a reliable, well-known option to replace missing teeth. With modern tools and materials, they withstand the same daily pressures that natural teeth do, and last for many years. Fully customized to fit the contour of the jaw, dentures can comfortably replace teeth. Even if your oral health changes over time, they can be remade or adjusted without any issues.

Dentures are cost-effective as well, allowing most patients to afford their appliances with the aid of insurance. Hygiene care is simple, as dentures are removable and only need to be rinsed or sanitized when not in the smile. As long as you take care of them, dentures can last for many years.

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Implant-Supported Dentures use a denture appliance secured with implants for a permanent solution. Implant-supported dentures allow you to eat whatever you want and talk without worrying about your device affecting your speech.

Implants are typically more durable than removable teeth and provide a more natural replacement solution. The only downside is the initial price of implant treatment and restoration. However, dental implants may reduce the costs of future repairs since they do not need adjusting over time.

Comprehensive Dental Restoration Services Just for You

At Orange Hill Dental Group, we want you to feel good about your oral health and the way your smile looks. Dr. Sabet takes a comprehensive approach to restorative dental care, combining the most beneficial treatments to renew optimal function and aesthetics. Contact our experienced Orange County team today and start building confidence in your appearance with a smile that is beautiful and strong.


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