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Dental and oral health plays a vital role in your overall body health. Neglected oral hygiene can lead to dental problems such as dental cavities, gum diseases and deadly diseases such as cancer. You might not notice a developing a dental problem, but a dentist will detect any problem during a dental exam. Thus, the need to visit a dentist at least twice a year.

Our dentist in Orange, CA offers personalized and quality dental services to all dental patients regardless of their cases.  Our team is professionally trained to provide quality general, restorative and cosmetic dental services.

Why is a Regular Dental Checkup Important?

It's advisable to visit your dentist at least every six months to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Some people might ignorantly consider these checkups as costly and time-consuming. However, avoiding dental checkups due to anxiety and other reasons can cost you a lot more in the end. This is why you should take dental checkups a bit more seriously:

  • Detect Oral Cancer

Most people do not notice the early signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer can be treated easily in its early stages. However, it worsens if not attended to and can be life-threatening.

  • To Prevent Tartar, Plaques, and Cavities

While brushing and flossing, it is normal to miss out on some small areas. This exposes you to the risk of plaque buildup which might turn to tartar if not cleaned on time. Regular cleaning at the dentist will get rid of any plaque that could be building up.

  • Detect Any Problems Under the Surface

Some dental problems might not be seen with naked eyes. It is important to have a dental x-ray every six months to detect any problem that could be hiding under the surface.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Give a deaf ear to myths and misconceptions about dental x-rays. Yes, dental x-rays are safe. You will only be exposed to about five millirems of radiation during a dental x-ray. That is almost equal to the amount of radiation you are exposed to during an airplane ride.

What to Do Between Dental Checkups

Dental care is a lifetime commitment. As you wait for your next dental checkup, it is essential to brush and floss your teeth every day to prevent the formation of plaques. Dentists recommend that you brush at least twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. Use a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and also to keep plaque bacteria controlled.

Also, eating the right food is important. Always make sure you eat sugar-free foods. Ensure you drink plenty of water after meals to wash away any sugars in your mouth. Your saliva will turn the sugar into an acid that will erode the enamel of your teeth.

Get Dental Care

Our dentist in Orange, CA prioritizes your smile and thus will do anything to maintain it for you. We strive to provide quality long-term dental care to our patients for their smile and general body health.

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