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Most people have a conflict with themselves while looking at the mirror. They wonder if they should perhaps get a surgical procedure, lose weight, and grow their hair and so forth. The warring intensifies when they have to ask themselves those questions while looking at someone they wish to impress with their looks. They may ask questions on trivial things such as the appeal of their smiles. This concern drives people to criticize and eventually take action to improve their dental look. Teeth whitening is an essential yet vital improvement in restructuring your smile and confidence.

Dr. Joseph Sabet is a DDS dentist with an office in LA, California. He has a dentistry experience of 29 years since he got his graduate degree from the University of Southern California in 1990. Dr. Sabet’s office prides itself in offering quality dental care for both practical and cosmetic purposes. Zoom teeth whitening is one of the practice’s revered services. It is undertaken by a certified dental practitioner who will end the war between you and your inner voice on the status of your teeth’s appeal to society.

What is zoom teeth whitening?

This drastic whitening procedure improves the color of your teeth and fits a short notice preparation for an upcoming event such as an interview, wedding or photoshoot. It incorporates the use of a whitening gel that contains a pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide to penetrate deep stains and discoloration. The results vary depending on the original color of the teeth, but will consistently be seven or eight shades lighter than before. They will last longer than the outcome of other whitening options such as toothpaste and strips.

What is the procedure for Zoom teeth whitening?

You will fill in the routine dentistry paperwork before undergoing any physical procedure. The first process includes cleaning your teeth to remove surface stains, checking the health of the gums and taking medical records of the exact color of your teeth. We separate the top and bottom teeth using retractors before applying the specialized Hydrogen Peroxide gel and beaming it with controlled laser light. We will keep track of the process and adjust the lighting or add more gel when necessary.

Do you need to worry about teeth damage?

Qualified practitioners such as Dr. Joseph Sabet use a high-quality gel containing high-grade hydrogen peroxide. Zoom teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that may cause temporary sensitivity. Some people report mild and short-lasting gum irritation. The whitening does not work on crowns, cosmetic bonds or veneers. Pregnant women are advised to postpone the procedure despite the unknown effects surrounding the effects of the gel on the fetus.

Dr. Joseph’s practice accepts insurance from more than fifteen insurance firms. We can arrange for your consultation through our online booking system or our direct contact forms. We have a transparent working culture that communicates the entirety of the dental procedure and the incurred costs. Our competent team works closely with Dr. Joseph Sabet to ensure that you receive the correct dental recommendations and aftercare procedures.

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